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Interlease Africa’s core focus is tank container leasing – our services include cost-effective short- or long-term lease agreements for a large range of different ISO tank containers for bulk liquids and gases, with capacities of 14 500 to 35 000 litres. Our tank container range includes IMO1/T11, IMO5/T50, IMO7/T75 and specialised tank containers (swap bodies).


Our customised leasing agreements meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of our customers across a range of industries. We will organise the on- and off-hire and transport from and to the depot (if necessary), as well as cleaning, maintenance and repair.


As experts in our industry, we understand that our customers’ requirements vary depending on the characteristics of their product. Customised leasing agreements offer you the flexibility of hiring containers for any length of time. We guarantee high quality, well-maintained ISO containers, which come with all the necessary certificates and adhere to strict international standards.


Our connections across the continent allow us to accommodate your tank container needs wherever in Africa you may be. We have an extensive network of depots, which offer a range of cleaning, maintenance and repair services.


Together with our global logistics expert and partner, Intergermania, we can also offer you tailor-made supply chain solutions to meet your individual needs.


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