The Leasing Process:




1. Contract between Interlease Africa and lessee is negotiated, agreed upon and signed by lessee.


2. Interlease Africa informs depot and surveyor who is authorised to perform the on-hire survey of tank containers.


3. Depot and surveyor coordinate on-hire survey and confirm tank container is ready for pick-up.


4. Interlease Africa issues release to lessee advising them of depot address, contact information, tank container number as well as release number.


5. Lessee arranges with their truck driver to pick up the tank container and driver contacts depot to schedule pick-up time.


6. Depot releases tank container to truck driver who must have the release number in order to pick up the tank container.


7. Depot advises Interlease Africa when the tank container has left their facility. Contract and rental period commences.




1. Lessee requests off-hire in writing, giving notice as per contract terms, and advising last product information.


2. Interlease Africa advises if contract terms have been met and issues redelivery authorisation to lessee and to the relevant depot.


3. Lessee arranges to have tank container trucked to a cleaning facility and then to a depot authorised by Interlease Africa. A cleaning certificate must accompany every tank container.


4. Tank container arrives at depot and rental stops as per contract terms.


5. Depot prepares repair estimate and presents to Interlease Africa for review.


6. Interlease Africa reviews estimate, allocates damage costs to lessee and presents to lessee for approval.


7. Lessee is given seven days to authorise repair estimate. If there is no response within this time, the estimate is considered approved and repairs are authorised.


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