Why buy when you can lease?


Ask yourself, why buy when you can lease? There are several benefits to leasing, rather than buying or owning. As specialists in our field, we will work with you to develop a cost-effective leasing agreement that works for you, depending on your needs. We can also customise tank containers if need be.


Other benefits of leasing ISO tanks:


You can choose from a wide range of ISO tank types, including IMO1/T11, IMO5/T50, IMO7/T75 and swap bodies.


Flexibility – our leasing agreements are customised according to your needs. We understand that our customers’ requirements vary depending on the characteristics of their product.


Low maintenance costs:


We only offer high quality, well-maintained ISO containers, which come with all the necessary certificates and adhere to strict international standards. Interlease Africa will also organise the on- and off-hire and transport from and to the depot (if necessary), as well as cleaning, maintenance and repair.


Door-to-door service by combination of truck, train and ship.


Our expertise knowledge and connections across the continent allow us to accommodate your tank container needs wherever in Africa you may be.


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