About Interlease Africa


The experienced team at Interlease Africa recognised a niche in the African market: to offer ISO tank container leasing, rather than selling, on a short- or long-term basis – especially in Africa. There are several benefits to leasing, rather than buying, ISO tanks.


We are frontrunners in the containerisation industry and offer a diverse range of quality ISO tank containers suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquids and gases, such as automotive fuels and lubricants. Leasing agreements are customised according to our client’s needs.


Our fleet of ISO tanks includes IMO1/T11, IMO5/T50, IMO7/T75 and specialised tank containers (swap bodies), with capacities of 14 500 to 35 000 litres.


As experts in our field, we are able to provide the necessary technical know-how, and have built up an extensive network of approved depots. Our advantage is regional focus and local knowledge.


Our Vision & Mission


We guarantee quality, efficiency, reliability and safety at minimal cost. Our aim is to provide you with the best supply chain solution for your specific transport and/or storage needs.


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